Complete Business Solutions(CBS) name itself tells what it is. It is all a business needs to get the best possible growth and manage everyhting. CBS is not just any ordinary ERP(Enterprise resource planning) software. CBS is something much more than that. It is a comprehensive Business Management System with all Business Management tools. It is built with extensive studies about the needs of a business and the best possible solutions for different problems faced by many businesses. CBS is a system that will take your business to the heights which you dream to achive. With all Business management tools that CBS provides it is very simple for a growing business to fly with golden wings. Cbs is not just the Best ERP Online Software with all basic to advanced features of any ERP software but it has much more than that.

primary Features of CBS

Here is a brief about primary features provided by CBS.

  • Business Listing

    Unlike other Best ERP softwares in market who provide you business management tools, CBS gives your business something that is most important for business growth 'Internet Presence'. With business listings your business gets a perfect place to be searched by users who come looking for thier needs.

  • No other ERP but CBS satisfies the most important need of a Business, the business it-self. With leads you get potential customers for your business and a business needs customers to grow.

  • The beauty of CBS is that it manages your business and directs the leads to inbuilt CRM. Its not any ordinary CRM in market but a fully integrated system to manage all your leads. It can be integrated with Facebbok, Google etc to manage all your leads at one place. Automatic follow-up, engagement and much more is there.

  • With growth of business your business needs staff and you need management of staff. Don't worry we got your back. CBS provides extensive features of best Human Resouce Managemnt system. Payroll, Role Management, Communication, Management Actions, Decision Making and much more.

  • Account management is very crucial for business. Keeping track of sales and purchases and various other accounts decides the growth of your business. Our CBS gives you inbuilt accounting along with an integration facility with Accounting giants like Busy and Talley.

  • CBS also provides you with a fully custom website as per your needs. You can add your data, portfolios, contact details, images, and more.

  • E-commerce is one way among many that people buy and sell things in retail. Some companies sell products online only, but for many, e-commerce is a distribution channel that’s part of a broader strategy that includes physical stores and other revenue streams. Either way, e-commerce allows startups, small businesses, and large companies to sell their products at scale and reach customers across the world. CBS gives you your E-commerce system integrated with billing, accounting, stock management, and CRM.

  • CBS not only enables you to manage your business on a desktop only, but it gives you easy-to-use yet powerful mobile app to manage everything on your phone.

  • CBS gives you tools to generate automatic bills with every sale or purchase along with a manual billing system. E-way bills can be generated easily and customized as well.

  • CBS has automatic inventory management integrated with your e-commerce and accounting. No need to do anything manually, let CBS do the work for you.

  • CBS also gives you digital NFC(Near field communication) custom cards/tags. NFC is the future and CBS gives you the access to the future technology.